lauantai 5. kesäkuuta 2010

Are information agents the format radio of Internet?

Those who have bought books from knows of their habit of recommend other books that Amazon thinks could be in your interest. And I hate to admit but usually these recommendations are pretty good. I think this is the basic idea of web 3.0 in general. It knows more than current web and it can act based on that knowledge.

So Web 3.0 should be smarter web. Not just documents but information provided by context sensitive agents. But how about information outside my context?

There is a radio channel that advertises itself with slogan "Hit Music Only". The listener can be sure that he or she is never exposed to Bach or Arvo Pärt. Those things simply does not exist in that universe.

So what if intelligent agents works similarly than radio stations that are concentrated only one type of music? They filters out everything that is not suitable to our "context" and we don't never have to see anything inappropriate (e.g. something that does fit in our beliefs)?